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About Bergy's Electric Inc

At Bergy's Electric Inc we understand the value of working with quality products and have a history of offering our customers fair treatment and excellent service in our communities. We handle everything that goes along with purchasing a Home Standby Generator system and the three main factors are:

The Purchase

Bergy's Electric Inc is all about providing the right Generator for the job. We have the ability to size the generator according to the size of the home and the appliances you would like to run. We will come to your home and give you a full in-home consultation and provide you with an estimate for a full turnkey installation packages. We stock our generators and automatic transfer switches or can have an order generated and sent to Champion in minutes to get one to your home right away.

The Installation

Bergy's Electric Inc has worked in this industry for a long time. We know local codes, can pull the correct permits from the city, understand the importance of fuel supply, line size, wire sizing and are certified by Champion to install our home standby generator systems. Because the use of a non-certified dealer installing your equipment can result in the loss of warranty, we always recommend using a Champion Certified dealer for the installation of your Home Standby Generator.

The Service

This is essential to any engine. Bergy's Electric Inc can provide the service you've come to expect from car dealerships when purchasing a new vehicle. From changing the engine oil and filters to adjusting valves, and replacing spark plugs, we have the ability to perform the job. We are also certified to work on the unit in case there is a warranty issue that needs to be solved. We have access to technical publications and direct support from our team of professionals here to assist them with any technical guidance necessary.

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