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Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials

Are you prepared?

Emergency Essentials

What is "Emergency Essentials" select circuit power?

Champion Home Standby Generators using Emergency Essential circuits allows you the choice of either 10 or 14 circuits or appliances that you select to power in an outage. The circuits are selected at installation and can be the most cost effective solution because it is only powering the basic requirements of your home, even air conditioning can be powered on a Champion essential circuit system.

Your Champion dealer can assist you in sizing your generator to your home’s electrical demand. For larger demand, you may require a larger standby generator. Air conditioning is usually the largest electric demand in a home.

Sized for the specific appliances and circuits that you want to power in your home
8.5kW and 50A switch can power up to 12 circuits in your home*
12.5kW and 100A transfer switch can power up to 16 circuits in your home*
Seamlessly power your essentials when the power goes out and returns to utility without lifting a finger

*load dependent. Rated in accordance with UL2200.

How is an "Emergency Essentials" transfer switch wired?

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